Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Tagliolini with White Truffle

The National Fair of the White Truffle in Acqualangna

Black Truffles are usually ready in January through March,
while white truffles are ready during the Fall season.
The strong scent and delicate taste make for a delicious recipe!

A few dishes with white truffle...

On to the recipe:

Taglioni with White Truffle

1 small white truffle
1.5 ozs of butter
10.5 ozs of egg tagliolini pasta
1.5 ozs of grated Parmesan cheese

Use a slightly dampened paper towel and you can use a small knife to scrape the toughest dirt or cut out rotten parts. You can even find these tools for sale in specialized shops. Another useful tool is the truffle shaver, which allows to shave very precise thin flakes. The thinner the more flavor for your dishes!

Bring a large pot of water to boil then add the tagliolini pasta. Stir for a minute. While the pasta is cooking, place the butter in the skillet to melt. Clean the truffle then shave the truffle into thin flakes. Remove the tagliolini from the boiling water while they are still al dente. Drain then pour the pasta into the skillet and mix well to cover each noodle with the butter. Add a little parmesan cheese and stir, add a bit more parmesan cheese and stir. When done, immediately fill the plates and use the truffle flakes to garnish.


See you guys next week for Fabiolous Tuesday.
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  1. I very much enjoyed these pictures gracie~!

  2. what a great blog!
    here is so many inspirations,

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  3. Hey FoodBuzz friend! I love your blog! Wish I could afford a truffle that big, but I like having a car. :) Keep up the good work. Visit mine sometime.


  4. I'm in heaven!! Love the simplicity of your pasta dish, which is genuinely Italian. As simple butter brings out the flavor of it!