Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Ravioli with Zucchini, Dried Tomatoes, Majoram herb and Pinenuts


Beautiful Fabiolous Tuesday here in Rome.
It's been raining here for 2 weeks and today the
sun decided to shine and it's 75 degrees outside!
Gorgeous Spring day for a walk to Campo de Fiori...
For every 100 gr of flour, use one egg.

Blend together with fork.

Knead with hands.

At this point you you can use the rolling pin or pasta machine.

Prepare the filling by mixing egg, cooked zucchini,

chopped pinenuts and parmesan.

Seal the two pieces of pasta with egg white.

My lovely clients with their new creation!

While boiling pasta, cut the sun-dried tomatoes.

Add cooked ravioli to pan with butter, marjoram
and a ladel of the hot pasta water.

"Marjoram is a culinary and medicinal herb in the mint family.
It needs a hot climate to develop its full aroma,
but it loses some of its flavor when it is dried. Marjoram goes well with thyme,
bay leaves, black pepper, and juniper berries.
Marjoram is a Greek word meaning "Joy of the Mountain".
According to Greek myth, Aphrodite said that the smell of marjoram
was the smell of impending good luck. Greeks also believed
that if it was growing on a grave, it was a sign that
the departed soul had found happiness. Throughout the middle ages
it was worn by bridal couples to signify love, honor, and happiness.
It was used in England for many years as an ingredient
in snuff, then as a somewhat exotic flavoring for beer."

Sprinkle with parmesan cheese.

Top off this delicious dish with sun-dried tomatoes!

See you next week for Fabiolous Tuesday,
Thanks for stoppping by!!!


  1. Beautiful post - my marjoram is in and I was wondering what to do with it. Welcome to the sun! It makes everything right again.

  2. The pasta is only flour and egg? I need to try that! It looks so easy.

  3. What a simple and beautiful dish! Great job on the step-by-step photos.

  4. I love the step by step! And the ingredients just sound like a perfect harmony.

  5. Oh how I adore homemade raviolis... This sounds wonderful. I would like to be one of your lovely clients with my new creation. ;)

  6. Unfortunately there is no school like yours in our region... You don't imagine how much i miss it!


  7. Yum! you got my mouth watering at 11 am, especially since I have been craving pasta for a couple of days now! Not to mention that this reminds me that Rome is the best place in the world! (No I am not from there :D)

  8. all i can say is yum. i love raviolis, and the sundried tomato makes these look and sound all the more delicous.

  9. Great pictures! There is nothing better than homemade pasta. The filling sounds delicious too!

  10. That looks beautiful and delicious too! I love homemade pasta. I'm not sure why I didn't think about using the lasagna noodle setting to make ravioli.

  11. So simple yet so beautiful - the best kind of cooking. I love ravioli, so of course, I love this!

  12. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipe for ravioli and the photographs, it looks like a fun activity for a group!

  13. These look so delicious. Plus I love seeing photos of your cooking class in action! Cheers! - Toya

  14. Thanks to all of you for viewing my blog!!! Appreciate all the feedback! Buona giornata!!